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Work from home jobs have gained quite prominence over the decade. Although, a few decades ago, work from home jobs weren’t as much profitable as it is now. With the increase in digitalization, these prospects have increased in number much prominently.

Furthermore, this current situation has led to the increase in the number of opportunities. After COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, all the business centers shut down their offices globally, the employees were transitioned to do remote work or do their jobs by staying at their own abodes. Though, this situation is a little hard than it actually seems, since the employees are hunkered down with all this new concept of work-from-home, one of the positive aspects is that COVID-19 led to the success of work-from-homes on a large scale.

There are a number of companies that are hiring employees to work remotely. Some of the jobs are telemarketing, sales, customer service, recruiting, content writing, creative writing and scheduling jobs available.

The power of the internet is higher than the amount we collectively imagine. There are options that will help you upskill yourself, also, internet provides with social media platforms that helps to market oneself as an expert in a said field. At the same time, internet helps one with finding a job that suits one the most. Although, this entirely depends on the capability, aptitude and motivation a person encompasses in himself/herself.

We will discuss about some of the work-from-home job opportunities in the following paragraphs.


As a profession, content writing has made its prominence in India as well as other countries of the world. The major reason is the huge demand for this work. The businesses or rather all business need to inform, educate and influence their customers through the content that helps attracting the customers. Another major positive sideview of this job is that this industry would never have a dearth or work from home options. Writers are needed to formulate articles, create content and formulate various creative ideas for the hiring companies. Majority of the writings are SEO dependent writings that ultimately leads customers to about the particular business well.

There are a number of online sites like Linkedin,, Media Bistro, etc. that provide freelance writing jobs. As a beginner, one can be paid from about 15k to 20k in India. This hugely depends on the skills as well as the company one is working for.


It is one of the most obvious options when it comes to work from home jobs. Almost all the big businesses have gotten on the forefront on the social media platforms for marketing purposes without having to pay heavily on television, print or radio ads. This is why this companies hire digital marketers to manage their social media accounts, and expand their brand’s presence online, their jobs ranging from Search Engine Optimization, email marketing, social media marketing, telephone marketing, etc. A social media manager is expected to run campaigns, promote and manage content, study analytics and work on expanding the brand’s reach.Thousands of listings can be found on sites such as,, etc. A beginner can get paid around 20-44k per month.


Along with powerful content, the brands need appealing visuals as a part
of their website, logos, or designs to grab the attention of customers as
well. The scope of earning in this field is huge and at an intermediate
phase one can easily earn about 35k per month.


The wide range of businesses need a large number of workers to enter the data into their systems. That data can be used for either tracking the shipments or create the business plans or measure output or performance.

The companies sometimes pay the work from home employees on the basis of hours. In this field as well, there is no dearth of work since almost all the businesses hire employees for data entry. One can maximize one’s earnings through speed and gaining accuracy. One can find dozens of data entry jobs on,, Linkedin,, etc.


This job is very interesting as well as meaningful. For being a translator, one has to be efficient in one or more languages. According to statistics, the most translators do their jobs from homes under a tight deadline. A majority portion of the translators are self-employed.

Opportunities are also found from Indian and Western business authors who need their content in a particular language. There is no fixed pay scale as such and entirely depends on the client. A good client can pay one up to 40k per month in the initial months.

There are more of these work from home jobs providing opportunity to the mass. They are as follows:

Online Tutor

Internet usage has its far-reaching benefits and one of them is being
able to teach online. It is convenient for the students as well as
affordable. One can earn up to 30k a month if one has reached the
position and the authority established by them.


If someone is very passionate about any particular subject ranging
from travel, food, fashion, photography, fitness, etc., this job aspect is
perfect for them. Some other ways by which bloggers make money
are by affiliating oneself to advertising, sponsored sports, Google
Adsense and product sales.

HR Recruiter

Businesses and companies will never not need a human workforce to
work with and therefore there won’t be a dearth of opportunities in
this field. As a freelancing recruiter, one can to screen CVs, conduct
interviews, refresh job ads according to the need, and handle history
checks. As a beginner, one can earn up to 25k per month.

This was the list of some of the best work from home jobs that are available that can help someone incorporate flexibility, gain experience and high payments in one’s life. Besides the ones mentioned above, there are other sites as well such as, mesho,,, and it is important and critical to create a complete resume. And experience in doing jobs on an online platform also enhances the resume.

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