Full Form of PhD Degree, Meaning, Duration, Requirements, Definition

PhD Degree Abbreviation, Meaning, Requirements

What is the full form of PhD ?

People are very often sceptial about the full form of PhD. The full form of PhD is doctorate of philosophy. It is very often typed as Ph.D or a doctor of philosophy.

What is PhD?

It is a doctor degree with an academic focus. Usually, it is a course of three years but the aspirant or the candidate has to complete the course within 5 to 6 years. The course duration may vary from institute to institute. the candidate who want to do PhD must have a masters degree in any subject.

PhD can be done from any stream. For PhD , the candidate have to select a subject on which he will research it in depth and answer all the queries related to that. PhD is the highest level of degree which can a student achieve.

PhD Degree Requirements:

  • Academic Requirements

Generally , PhD admission requirements relate to the candidate’s grades (usually at both bachelor’s level and master’s level) and their potential research capabilities. Most of the institutions or colleges requires the student should have honors in bachelor or masters degree. In some colleges , you can pursue your PhD on the basis of your master degree grades. Candidates should have aggregated 55% to 60% in the postgraduate degree. Qualified NET JRF so that you can directly apply for the Interview as the Entrance test shall be exempted.
For Engineer students : GATE
For Others : NET

  1. Personal Requirements
  2. Intelligence
  3. Commitment
  4. Passion
  5. Time management
  6. Communication skills
  7. Curiosity
  8. Numeracy
  9. Hard working
  10. Motivation

List of Some popular courses in PhD : PHD courses in Humanities

PhD in humanitiesPhD economicsPhD geography
PhD social workPhD in EnglishPhD in social science
PhD in public and economic policyPhD in humanities and social sciencePhD in humanities and life science
PhD in psychologyPhD in artsPhD in international relations and politics
PhD in public policyPhD in physiologyPhD in literature

PhD course in science

PhD in chemistryPhD in clinical researchPhD in science
PhD in BioSciencePhD in BioinformaticsPhD in Biotechnology
PhD in mathematical and computation sciencePhD in environmental science engineeringPhD in applied chemistry and polymer Technology
PhD in applied sciencePhD in zoologyPhD in physics

PhD courses in Engineering :

PhD in EngineeringPhD in Genetic EngineeringPhD in Civil Engineering
PhD in Engineering and TechnologyPhD Computer Science EngineeringPhD Electronics & Communication Engineering
PhD in Electronics and Communication EngineeringPhD in Information TechnologyPhD in Aeronautical and Automobile Engineering
PhD in chemical engineeringPhD in ceramic engineeringPhD in production engineering
PhD in Marine biotechnologyPhD in mechanical engineering

And many more…..

Fees for PhD course :

Generally , The fees for the phd course vary from college to college. Like some colleges very high amount of fees and some colleges charge less amount as per the government norms. The average fee structure for the phd course vary from 4000 to 14 lacs. This fee is based on the the college and the student.

Salary to PhD candidate :

The minimum average salary of a PhD candidate is 20,000 to 30,000 per month. The salary vary according to the course you have done. You can choose any course listed above of your interest. There is a scope of high earning of a PhD candidate. The average salary of a research scientist is upto 6 lacs per year. An assistant professor’s average salary is is up to 6.5 lacs. A professor post secondary or higher education can earn upto 10 lakh per annum. The salary of a clinical psychologist as up to 25000 per month.

Colleges for PhD degree :

It is referred generally as PhD or in full form of PhD as doctor of philosophy is available in different colleges. Below is the list of some of the top colleges that provide a Doctor of Philosophy Course. You can select any of them from the list and join the Ph.D. Course. They are as under :

  1. Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
  2. Indian Institute of Science
  3. Andhra University
  4. University of Calcutta
  5. Jadavpur University
  6. Amity University
  7. Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee
  8. Amrita University
  9. Center for Distance Education, Aligarh Muslim University

Career Prospects of PhD :

Career prospects of PhD holders in the fields of civil engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace and materials science are quite encouraging. A PhD holder can work as a civil or structural engineer, project manager, project scientist, statistician, physiologist, computer engineer, energy technologist, aerospace engineer, aerospace program manager, materials scientists, chemical technologist, environmental scientists, biomedical technologist, and mechanical engineer. Moreover, people who hold a PhD have better opportunities of promotion and salary increases are generally higher.

In Educational Institutions:

As a member of the faculty in a reputed university, a PhD holder can look forward to a good career. He/she can join the faculty of a university after completing his/her bachelor’s degree. In most cases, a PhD holder finds employment as a lecturer in a research institution or at a university’s undergraduate department.

In Research Institutes:

The prospects for PhD holders in the scientific community are attractive. They can expect regular promotions, pay raises, and the possibility to be involved in important research projects. A doctorate degree holder is usually expected to conduct original research in his/her field. This involves the usage of modern equipment and techniques, besides studying the methods and materials of the past and predicting the future effects of new technologies on society and the environment.

You may also look into opportunities for teaching or supervising postdocs. If you are looking for a challenging environment where you can grow as a professional, consider teaching or supervising postdocs at research universities, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, or university clinics.

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