Everything You Need to Know About Getting an Online PhD in 2021

A PhD, also known as a doctorate, is a degree that is highly respected throughout many different career fields. A doctorate is so highly respected because of the hard work and dedication that students must put forth to achieve such an advanced degree. A PhD is not an easy degree to obtain. Doctoral students spends hundreds of hours studying, completing complicated projects, and putting together a dissertation. This hard work is then rewarded with a PhD and the advanced credentials that this degree provides.

Why Choose to Study For Your Doctorate Online?

In the past, students were forced to attend a traditional college to earn their PhD. Many times, this led to complicated work and study schedules, and may have even proved impossible for many students interested in advancing their education. Fortunately, students now have the opportunity to earn their PhD online, which offers greater flexibility and more opportunities to potential students.

However, it is important for potential students to realize that earning a PhD online is not easy. Online study still requires a high level of commitment, dedication, and a strong drive to succeed. The most attractive difference in studying online is the flexibility that it provides. Online doctoral students are able to study around a work schedule, be home with their children, and fulfill any previous commitments, yet still work towards advancing their education and career.

Popular Online PhD Options:

Not every doctorate may be earned online. For example, a medical doctor may not earn his or her doctorate online, as much of the required coursework is hands-on and requires supervision. However, many doctorates can be earned through an online program. These programs will emphasize writing, research, and reading, instead of lessons that must be learned in a hands-on manner. Of all the possible online doctorate programs, these ten are currently popular options:

  1. Doctor of Psychology
  2. Doctor of Business Administration
  3. Doctor of Education
  4. PhD in Nursing Education
  5. Doctor of Computer Science
  6. PhD in Human Services
  7. Doctor of Public Health
  8. PhD in Management- Engineering
  9. Juris Doctor (Doctor of Law)
  10. 10. PhD in Public Policy

How To Choose An Online School:

While there are many online colleges that offers doctorate programs, not all of these schools offer a great education and respected credentials. Many online schools unfortunately offer students easy programs simply as a means of procuring a profit. This is why it is important for potential students to select a school that offers a high quality education through a respected program.

When selecting a school, potential students should first make sure that a school has the proper accreditation. There are currently six organizations that are able to offer a school accreditation. These organizations are:

– New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)

– Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges (MSA)

– North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA)

– Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)

– Southern Association of Schools and Colleges (SACS)

– Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges (NWCCU)

These organizations are responsible for different regions of the United States and each school in a certain region must earn accreditation from the corresponding organization. If a school has not been accredited, a PhD from that school will be worthless. In fact, listing a PhD from an unaccredited school on a resume may been seen as falsifying qualifications. Many times, this may be grounds for dismissal from a job.

After verifying that a school has been accredited, it is important to also review other aspects of a school’s online PhD program. Some things to consider are whether students must attend lectures or seminars on a specific campus, how long students have to complete the courses, how assignments are given, the class structure, and how much student/teacher interaction is expected. Some schools will provide students with mentors, counselors, and advisers, while others will have less options. Before selecting an online PhD program, it is important for students to determine their needs and choose a program that meets those needs accordingly.

Online PhD Programs in Arts

A PhD is the arts is for those who wish to have a broad education for a variety of career options. It provides the student with a wide range of studies on history, culture, art, social studies, communications, business, and more. Having a doctorate in the arts will give you an opportunity to work in a variety of jobs. This educational path will enrich your perspective on history and cultures to provide you with more depth, strength, and discipline on your chosen career. A PhD in the arts is now available online at many different schools.

Arts PhD Subprograms

An online PhD program in the arts will have subprograms to specialize your education. You can take subprograms in ministry, educational studies, or theology. Each different subprogram is designed to prepare you for your future career choice.

1. Doctor of Ministry. A PhD in ministry is for those that wish to lead ministries in theology. It is for heads of missions, evangelists, church leaders, psychology of religion, church administration, or church growth. To become a Doctor of Ministry, you need three years of ministry after you obtain your masters degree. The Doctor of Ministry degree requires one year of coursework and the completion of a dissertation or doctoral project. This degree takes from three to six years to complete.

2. PhD in Specialized Education. This doctoral program is designed for experienced education professional who want to advance their career to research, consulting, or teaching. It teaches advanced research, problem solving, and critical thinking. It may also contain classes to help teach adults, learning theories, and educational philosophy. This degree can take from two to four years to complete.

3. PhD in Theology. This doctoral program is for theologians who excel in the church, academy, and society. It emphasizes faith seeking understanding. The program combines faith, research, and teaching Christianity in the past and present. It is for specialize research and philosophical and theological practices of the past. Students of this doctorate are expected to learn Catholic and Protestant traditions and use critical thinking to evaluate different religions and positions. Students should be a master of research and learn how to integrate their learning and previous knowledge to make contributions to discussions.

Online PhD Programs in Teaching

Online classes today take advantage of multimedia advances to create interactive classrooms and peer collaboration opportunities as well as online library resources that rival brick and mortar libraries. Students can sign on to their computer at their own convenience to hear a lecture. While the rigor is not the least diminished in the process of earning an online PhD degree, the flexibility has dramatically improved the opportunity for dedicated students to obtain the university degree of their choice.

Doctoral Degrees Are challenging For Even the Best Students

A doctoral candidate will spend many hours in solitary study, working on a dissertation, reading assorted texts, and completing complex assignments. Thus, a distance-learning program with the availability of peer collaboration lends itself well to a doctoral program. A Ph.D. will take several years of study—usually at least four. If you can study year around, you may be able to shorten it to three years for the course work and then another semester to complete your dissertation. Once the course work is completed, you will have to take comprehensive exams, very possibly on campus or another designated, monitored location. It is quite common to be “ABD” for several years, (all but dissertation) while working on your dissertation. This is a book length work that explores some unique aspect of your career interest. You choose the topic, create a proposal, get it approved by a dissertation committee, and then set about to write it. While working on the dissertation, you must remain enrolled in the university, thus paying for at least one 3-credit course each semester. Thus, you will want to complete it as quickly as you can. Additionally, some colleges give a limit on the amount of time they will allow for the dissertation to be completed.

Rewards for Having a PH.D.

You will be respected. You will receive a higher salary than those without a PH.D. You will be able to teach at a college or university where a PH.D. is a requirement to teach. You will have a flexible schedule and a fulfilling career

Sample of Education Salaries

Assistant Professor, Higher Education $48,539 – $64,183
Professor, Higher Education $64,312 – $98,009
Associate Professor, Higher Education $52,500 – $65,767
Director of Program Management, Education $72,093 – $92,089
School Superintendent $91,325 -$150,343
Dean of Students (University) $60,923 – $90,948
High School Teacher $39,305 – $62,774

Online PhD Programs in Science and Math

Math PhD curriculum readies students to educate math and hold research activities and services to actual businesses and establishments. In a mathematics Doctorate program, students will undergo math theories, process analysis, trial and error in different types of equations. Additionally, students learn a broader based knowledge in math that can be perfected through their own teaching. Students familiarize themselves more with the mathematics learned in a different way.

The Advantages of PhDs in Science and Math Doctorate Programs

PhDs build communication skills and can solve realistic problems in everyday situations. This also strengthens their teaching skills and their abilities to emphasize the important principles in the math so they can educate their own students. Equally important, another goal in the mathematics doctorate program is to aid future students in formulating and identifying problems in schooling practices with computation and superior communication.

Online Math Doctorate Rewards

Online Math Doctorate Graduates earn a choice from a vast range of easily accessible subjects inside the field such as engineering, industrial applied mathematics, and computational science. By having this PhD, it allows the collegiate to concentrate on a specific field of research and explore the areas they are truly interested in contributing to and researching.

The Procedures for Earning a Science Doctorate Degree

Science PhD education systems gear up students to perform activities in advanced research within a specific genre of health care, applied sciences, or medicine. Depending on the desired area of study, science PhDs take less traditional classes to obtain the research needed toward their doctoral goals than Mathematics ones require. The initial year of studies is generally spent on graduate level work to ready the student for the research they will soon encounter and perform. Also, during the first year, students typically alternate from many different labs under up to a dozen different mentors and choose which instructor or proctor investigator they would like to have during their thesis. Once a mentor has been chosen, students then can begin research towards production of a doctoral thesis, and a laborious manuscript that can reach hundreds of pages in length.

Working With Your PhD Online

Students work carefully with a mentor via internet communication to make certain the research is relevant and focused, yet, there is no definite quota as to when it will be complete. Once a valid thesis is produced, the student must adhere and reinforce their thesis in front of a faculty committee of experts as a final test to the students knowledge and skills.

Science PhDs play the role of principal investigators or major managers in academic research. They are importantly responsible for getting the grant information and oversee publishing research insights and lab work exercises.Pharmaceuticals and Engineering Research are scientific fields within Industrial Research that a PhD can be used in.PhDs can signify that an individual is declared an expert in a given field and if it will be valuable to an industry within that particular umbrella of study. All PhDs must prove they are skilled writers.

The Rewards of Earning a Science or Math Doctorate

A PhD is a majorly valuable and incredibly versatile degree. Many people are under the impression that a PhD is the most hardest degree to achieve in academics Because of this belief, PhDs typically earn outstanding compensation and many different opportunities for prospective employment. Many PhDs prefer teaching at the university they trekked, and a faculty position of this kind offers unaltered stability, domestic benefits, leisure enjoyment, and optimum lifestyle balance. PhDs have the opportunity to operate their own lab or researching facilities to build theory on their own types of work.

Online PhD Business Programs

Advancing your career has become easier with online PhD programs in business. With these online programs, you no longer need to spend time in a traditional classroom setting. You can learn and acquire the same vital knowledge and expertise in business in your own time, at your own pace, and anywhere you want to. These online programs are crucial to your success in any career. This is because all fields require a business acumen that can propel you ahead of your contemporaries. If you want to pursue an online PhD in business, then you may want to look into the following options.

PhD in Business and Management

Before you can proceed to this doctorate degree, you still have to successfully pass your masters or MBA course. Pursuing a PhD will open many new and rewarding career options for you. You can act as a consultant, an executive officer for big firms; a professor in a university, a business entrepreneur, or even work for the government. These are all wonderful careers which can challenge your entrepreneurial skills and earn for you up to a 6-digit income.

In this discipline, you can consider the following related courses:

Doctor of Business Administration

Pursuing an online PhD in business will teach you the skills you need to succeed in whatever career you choose. It will enhance your ability to manage your business well and make it possible for you to assist other companies achieve their success and increase their earnings.

DBA – Strategy and Administration

This related course is one of the online PhD programs in business that can prove useful in conceptualizing goals and objectives for a business. Appropriate objectives and business plans can only be successful with well-planned goals.

Doctor of Business Administration – International Business

You can also interact in the international market when you have pursued an international business course. Business may be business in all parts of the world, but there are certain didactic facts that only a doctoral in business administration would know.

PhD in Management Science

Online PhD programs in business involve the development of your expertise in managing and organizing people in a company. You will learn the skills necessary to analyze data, solve business and organizational problems, and put these all into good use.

PhD in Organization and Management

This is a top-notch position, which pays handsomely. Governments are always looking for experts who can organize their manpower or human resources into a unified, productive workforce. As a doctor in organization and management, your skills will help settle disputes among personnel and turn these disputes into something productive for the company.

In consonance with this purpose, several relevant courses have come into existence:

• Doctor of Management

Proper management of any business or career is crucial towards its success. In the course for this degree you will learn about the intricacies of managing a complex business. You will master the method of motivating people, maximizing resources, and exponentially increasing your company’s earnings.

• PhD in Management – General

In this course, you will learn the basics of running a business. This includes balancing the assets and liabilities of the company. Almost all big companies need a competent person with a doctorate degree in management to “manage” their business affairs for them.

If you believe you have a passion for one of these careers, then you may want to pursue an online PhD program in business to maximize your potential. Your skills and expertise will never go to waste because companies are always looking for PhDs in business who can manage their people and boost their earnings wherever possible. Your acquired expertise will result in an enormous paycheck and a sense of fulfillment for being able to help people succeed in their business endeavors.

Online PhD Programs in Criminal Justice

The great thing about pursuing an online PhD program in criminal just ice, or any other subject for that matter, is that you will be able to pursue it without having to worry about class schedules. If you would still like to get a degree but have a full time job, then it is possible nowadays to “learn while you earn”. Most of the online PhD programs are accredited. They are also recognized internationally by different education boards. The amounts of people who are against this type of online degree programs are still a minority. In fact getting an online PhD degree has become common enough to help change that mindset.

Online Criminal Justice Degrees

According to a recent study roughly two thirds of educational institutions offer degree programs via the internet. This includes both national and international educational institutions. Once you get a criminal justice degree you work in public management, law enforcement, public administration and public service. During the course of study you will learn subjects such as psychology, sociology, criminology, ethics, law and history of criminal justice. Online chat forums are a good place to start looking for a program or school that will fit your needs. So in this case if you are looking for a PhD in criminal justice, then looking into a forum by students who are into this type of program is a good start. You will be able to find out things you normally would not find or see on a website.

Getting Assistance for Your Degree Program

There are several different types of scholarships and financial aid programs for students pursuing an online degree. We would also like to give a word of caution and that is that there are scams out there posing as financial help. So be sure to do your research well before going forward with something like this. You can look for scholarships, grants, financial aid and educational loan to help you. Look and see if there is any job post percentage available for graduates.

Benefits of Online Criminal Justice Degree

All right, so now you have made up your mind and are going to go forward with this type of degree and method, then what? Some people may ask the question as to whether or not getting a degree like this online is practical. The good news is that studies have shown not only is it not a problem to get a job, but some institutions actually prefer graduates who got an online degree. Researchers have given several explanations as to why this is so. The most prevalent one is that online degree graduates have good discipline. This is because getting a degree online requires a lot of self discipline on the part of the student to successfully complete the program. This is true with almost any correspondence course. Before applying for an online program, make sure the credits you got from a previous institution is transferable to the online program. This is when using the services of a counselor is a good idea. Counselors will be able to answer these types of technical questions.

Criminal Justice as a Job

Many people do not know that a job in the criminal justice department is very lucrative. In fact it is second only to health care. It is not unusual to get a starting salary of 60,000 dollars or higher. If you successfully complete your online PhD program in criminal justice, you will find yourself higher up the ladder to get started. The fact is that the demand for highly qualified people in this field is increasing every year and there are no signs of it slowing down in the near future. Criminal justice is also known as criminology.

Online PhD Programs in IT

The field of information technology is a broad one with so many areas to focus on. The branches of the technology tree are extensive in networking, databases, and computing systems. Candidates for the PhD in these fields have several choices, but three of the most prominent are listed below:

* PhD in General Information Technology
* PhD in Information Technology Management
* PhD in Information Technology Education

The following section gives a brief overview of these programs, positions that can be acquired after the completion of these programs, and the salaries that can be earned in the workforce.

PhD in General Information Technology

This degree is under the category of general, but students that study under this program have several choices. Technology covers a broad spectrum, and acceptance into the general program offers students the ability to choose between information security and network design. Students can also study IT in a specialized industry through this program.

The coursework for these degrees include courses in strategy, management, and consulting in the field of IT. After the students complete the courses they can acquire jobs as Technical Specialists or Directors of Networking. Salary ranges in these fields average close to $150,333.

PhD in Information Technology Management

This is an area of study that brings technology and planning together on a larger scale in order to help organizations adapt to all the advancements and changes that information systems can bring. Studies in the area build a framework that includes advanced management theory and extensive IT planning courses that mold leaders in the management of technology.

Coursework includes Qualitative Research, Marketing Strategy, and Principles of Organization Theory. Additional work in courses like Information Technology Delivery and Technical Foundations provide a well-rounded model for IT Technology Management. Once the candidate for the PhD has successfully completed this coursework a career search can be explored in various areas. Jobs in consulting and y management are positions that can be acquired through this field of study. Salary ranges fall within the area of $120,000 to $127,440 for positions in the field.

PhD in Information Technology Education

Information Technology is important in the corporate world, but it also extremely important in the area of education. Obtaining a PhD in the Information Technology Education field can put you at the forefront of leadership in computing systems and technological advancement in education.

In this field of study program participants will be provided with advanced teaching techniques that are relevant to information technology platforms. The emphasis here can lead to various positions of higher levels in authority for IT education and technical integration.

Students that complete this degree program can compete with other job seekers primarily in the area of teaching for college level courses. People with this degree of success can also hold offices as the Chair of Information Technology at a college or university.

Salary for the positions can cover a spectrum that starts at $52,237 and expands to $91,328.

These various fields of study are different in the specified scope of learning but the fundamentals that form the core of these programs remain the same. All PhD degree granting programs in these areas will help students build a solid foundation for the management of technology is their various fields of study. The focus on strategy and planning is a crucial element in learning regardless of the area of concentration. These programs emphasize this element through online programs with precision. Students that complete these programs can grab the roles of technology leadership.

Online PhD Programs in Health

When considering an online PhD program in health, you want to make sure that you are informed on the best schools, classes and options available to you. When embarking on this important journey, you will want to find a program that is structured around everything you will need, so you can reach your career goals successfully. With quite a few PhD online schools and programs available these days, it is good for students to be aware of all their requirements and which school will lead them to victory.

For those who are interested in an online PhD program in health, you have many branches to consider in the health field. You can pick and choose the direction you would like your career to go. The PhD field of health can be a very rewarding and educating experience. Just be prepared for the hard work and educational studies required.

PhD Health Science program overall:
When you enter the world as a student of an online PhD Health Science program, you will find that the doors can open up for you in a number of areas in this field. You can go the direction of Nursing, Health Education, Public Health, Occupational Health, Radiation Therapy, Environmental Health and much more. Another perk of this great career is, the average salary earnings for those with a PhD in Health Science can put you anywhere from $70,000 per year, on up to over $85,000 per year.

Doctorate Programs in Health and Human Services

There is a huge demand for graduates and experts who hold an advanced degree in Health Care Services. Students who earn their online degree in this program can find themselves to become university/college professors, or even researchers. You can find yourself in the position of top administrative officials for hospitals or big corporations who are in the medical and health care industry. Earning potentials can get you anywhere from $70,000 per year, on up to a sky rocketing $129,000 or higher per year.

PhD course studies are to include, but are not limited to the following:
– Public Health, Epidemiology
– Health Services, Administration, Public Policy
– Health Services, Policies, Health Management
– General Heath Services

PhD Health Education:

For students interested in a PhD for Health Education, be aware, that more than likely you will need to have your undergraduate degree in education. It can be any field of education, and it can be a 2 year degree. Your course of study in obtaining your PhD for Health Education, will take anywhere from 2 years to 4 years to complete after your education undergraduate degree.

PhD course studies are to include, but are not limited to the following:
– Education, Community Health, Public Health
– Education, Community Health, Health Services

PhD Administration in Health Care:
For students who are interested in a Health Care Administration PhD, are usually those who are already in management positions related to health care. This is great to go into if you already have experience as a professional in heath care and medicine. This type of PhD can put graduates into top positions at a university/college, hospital, or for private heath care consulting.

PhD course studies are to include, but are not limited to the following:
– Policies, Health Services, Health Management
– General Health Services
– Health Care Administration

As you can see, there are many available programs to enter for a PhD in Health online. Find a reputable and accredited online school with a program that is right for you. Opportunity is endless in the world of education, and a career with a PhD means the sky is the limit.

Online PhD Program in Psychology

Online PhD programs in psychology are now being offered by many different universities. Some of the universities are strictly online, while others are extensions of their physical location. Entering a doctoral program online allows the student more flexibility in attending classes while still working and raising a family. Psychology doctorates can work in a variety of settings and specific. Psychologist jobs have a good outlook over the next ten year and good salary.

Doctoral Programs in Psychology

Online psychology doctoral programs are available in the following concentrations:

1. Clinical psychology. This is the study, treatment, and prevention of mental illnesses. Some clinical psychologists help patients with severe mental illnesses, while others help clients cope with life changing event such as death of a loved one or a divorce.

2. Counseling psychology. This is one of the more popular concentrations. Psychological counselors help clients cope with daily life and improve their quality of life. They help people achieve or maintain a good quality of life and help with mental or social disorders.

3. School psychology. School psychologists are employed by schools with kindergarten to high school students. They work with teachers, administration, and parents to resolve conflict and help create a safe learning environment. They also help students with learning or behavioral problems.

4. Industrial psychology. Industrial psychologists apply psychology and research to the workplace to help make improvements in worker efficiency and morale. They might perform job hiring as well as organizational analysis and management research. Industrial psychologists are usually consultants and not employees of the company they are helping.

5. Developmental psychology. This is the study of the cognitive and social development at various stages of life. Most specialize in one period of time in a person’s life such as infancy, childhood, adulthood, or the elderly. Some study disabilities and their effects of daily life.

6. Social psychology. This subprogram involves studying people and their interactions with other people and their environment. They are involved in marketing, systems designs, consulting, or other applied psychology jobs. Most have a niche such as attitude, behavior, perfection, or leadership.

7. Research psychology. Typically work in a private center for a business or the government. Study behavior of humans and animals and analyze data. Normally work on motivation, attention, perception, substance abuse, and other specific areas.

8. Forensic psychology. Uses psychology in the criminal justice system to help judges and attorneys understand psychological aspects of a case. They are typically called as expert witnesses to testify at trial. Some may offer other services to the court such as evaluate child abuse reports or child custody reports. Still others work with crime victims or evaluate the accused as to their mental capacity.

Jobs Available with a PhD

Attending an online PhD program in psychology is a smart choice right now, as that job growth projection is a 12% growth in the next ten years. Increased demand in hospitals, schools, drug abuse clinics, and social services will cause there to be a wide variety of jobs available.

A doctoral degree in psychology will yield the best opportunity for finding a job. Experience with researching and analyzing data will be in high demand. Jobs that only require a Master’s degree will be competitive as there are a limited amount of that type of jobs available.

Salary for Psychology PhD

Because the type of psychology jobs with a doctorate are so widely varied, salary is also widely varied. The median yearly salary for family and individual counselors was $57,440. At the higher end of the range, the median yearly salary for industrial psychologists was $77,010. Figures are from May 2008.

Online PhD programs in psychology offer an excellent job outlook for placement and salary. There are many different field of psychology to specialize in. The type you choose to study will determine future job grown predictions and average salary figures.

Financing an Online PhD:

Obtaining a PhD online is an expensive venture. Potential students must be ready to invest a decent amount of money into their future before enrolling in a online program. Fortunately, there are a few ways to lighten the financial load. One way is to apply for financial aid or student loans. Student loans funded by the federal government may be preferable for some students, due to their low interest rates, while others may apply for private student loans. Additionally, many employers may offer funding to employees working to advance their education. While obtaining a PhD online may be a difficult and time consuming process, many students will enjoy the career advancement opportunities and higher pay that earning a PhD provides.

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