Here, You will get to know about IIT MADRAS DATA SCIENCE PROGARM, Here is all information about How to join IIT Madras Data Science Course Online and What is the criteria, Fee Structure, Who can qualify for this cource etc. so let’s know every thing about this.

What is data science?

With the expanse in availability of data, organizations from all over the world
are forced to explore and exploit the data for the sake of competition.
Whereas, huge availability of this data has led to increase in the interest into
new and modified methods for deducing constructive information from this
data. This new discipline, known as Data Science has surfaced as a model to
manage this vast accumulated data. It’s application in rampant in various
aspects and fields such as:

  • Security
  • Health Care
  • Telecommunication
  • Business
  • Transport Education
  • Agriculture, etc

IIT MADRAS, BSC in Data Science program

IIT Madras, considered to be India’s top technical institute is providing the
world’s first online Bsc. Degree program in Data Science. This would be the first
time one can pursue a degree course from an IIT regardless of age, location
allowing a broad range of academic backgrounds. The sector of Data Science
presently has a high demand and this course will be able to produce graduates
who can be employed in this sector. This course uses inventive uses of online
learning and personal assessments for every student. This course is flexible, as
well as affordable for the students.

Who Can Join?

  • Any person can pursue this as a second degree who is currently in college.
  • Applicant can be a drop out or a graduate.
  • There are no age restrictions

Who can qualify?

  • One has to complete 4 weeks of online courses as well as assignments
  • One has to acquire the minimum scores in the four weeks to appear for the Qualifier Exam which is majorly based on the content taught in those four weeks.
  • Applicants acquiring the minimum mandatory scores in the Qualifier. Exam can only register for the Foundation level courses

This program is split into three levels:

  • Foundation Level (consisting of 8 courses).
  • Diploma Courses (6 programming courses, along with 6 Data Science courses).
  • Degree Level (11 courses)

To get a Bsc. degree, in Programming and Data Science, a candidate has to
qualify all the three courses.

The 3 types of assignments in each course consist of online weekly
assessments, in-person monthly quizzes and in-person invigilated end tern

These invigilated quizzes and end term exams are to be conducted in specific
cities around India and are not available outside India. Candidates an choose
three cities from the list and are expected to show up at the centre allotted to
them. Some of the cities where these quizzes and exams are to be conducted
are: Agra, Gwalior, Varanasi, Lucknow, Kanpur, among others.

Application and Course Fees:

Application fees for

  • General candidates- Rs. 3000
  • Applicants belonging to PWD/SC/ST Category- Rs. 1500
  • Applicants belonging to PWD and SC/ST category-Rs. 750

Course Fees (Foundation+Diploma+Degree Level) for

  • General/OBC/EWS(family income above 5 lakhs/annum)- Rs.242000
  • General/OBC/EWS(family income above 1lakh and below 5 lakhs)- Rs.121000
  • General/OBC/EWS/PWD/SC/ST(family income below 1 lakh/annum)- Rs.60500
  • PWD/SC/ST(family income above 1 lakh/annum)-Rs. 121000
  • PWD &SC/ST- Rs.60500

Minimum Average Assignment Score Required in each course:

General category40%
Sc/St/PWD category30%
PWD & Sc/St30%

The candidates have the flexibility to exit any level. Depending on the courses completed by the candidate, the candidate can receive

Foundational Certificate from Centre for Continuing Education, IIT Madras, or Diploma from IIT Madras.

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