Harvard Professor Salary ranges from $175,000 to $200,00 a year. A recent article published by business insider states a professor earns an average of $198,400 a year.

harvard professor salary

It is noted that professors at Harvard do not bear any relation to the school’s financial success or failure. In fact, academic success and Nobel Prize-winning scholars come with a hefty price tag. On top of their salary, they almost always receive an endowed professorship, which can add up to a six-figure salary.

In addition to the salary, there may be discussions of bonuses and stock options. The pay is not based on performance, but rather on their name value. As long as a teacher is able to teach and motivate students, they are financially rewarded.

What else?

Most of their salary largely depends on the reputation and expertise they have earned. It also depends on how hard they work, and whether they have changed their approach to learning over the years.

A candidate’s knowledge and skill for his or her specific field will also contribute to the conclusion of a professor’s salary. For example, if a candidate specializes in plant growth, they will obviously command a much higher salary than someone who has earned their doctorate degree in zoology.

In addition to these aspects, a candidate’s experience will also affect how much they earn. For example, it stands to reason that someone who has held numerous senior positions would command a higher salary than someone who has only been a professor for two or three years. This is not an attempt to diminish the importance of experience but to simply give perspective to the length of time. This is not the only thing that sets apart the harbingers of high salaries. A candidate’s talent and skill are important too, of course.

Harvard professor salary may seem high, but in fact, it isn’t. There are many factors that go into salary, so it is easy to see why it is so perplexing.

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