Colleges for International Students Who Need Financial Aid

If you’re looking for colleges for international students where financial aid is most readily available, you have more than a few choices. According to U.S. News and World Report, which surveyed 419 colleges concerning the aid that was available to international students in the 2016-2017 academic year, the average was about $20,470 where schools offered aid to at least 50 students.

However, at the top 10 schools, the average aid offered to international students—in the forms of on-campus jobs, scholarships, and other institutional money offers—was nearly triple that amount: $60,576.

Why is this important?

It’s important because international students pay full price to go to an American university, and they don’t have the option of federal aid. The most expensive school on the list below, Columbia University, costs about $57,208 annually. If you don’t have the means to pay for this yourself, you won’t be able to attend without aid.

My Experience

I once helped a kid from Mexico pursue his dreams of going to business school in America. I flew down to meet with him and talk over his options. He wasn’t sure where to apply. He was out of his depth. I helped him narrow his college choices based on what was best for him financially and academically. He was going to need financial aid to bring down the cost. He had good grades and there was no reason that he should not go to a good school.

I convinced him to consider Babson College, a premier business school that trains some of the leading entrepreneurs of the world. It was a good choice for him because not only did it fit his academic needs—it also offered international students aid through need- and merit-based scholarships and a work program. When he got his acceptance letter, he wrote to me and told me he was ecstatic because he knew he could afford to attend.

Top 10 Undergraduate Colleges for International Students

Here are the top 10 colleges for international students:

  • University of Chicago—average student aid: $62,763
  • Columbia University—average student aid: $62,004
  • Skidmore College—average student aid: $60,975
  • Williams College—average student aid: $60,944
  • Trinity College—average student aid: $60,869
  • Harvard University—average student aid: $60,687
  • Stanford University—average student aid: $60,570
  • Amherst College—average student aid: $59,164
  • Wesleyan University—average student aid: $58,920
  • Yale University—average student aid: $58,864

Of course, as outlined above, there is more to consider than financial aid availability when picking a college. There are many more colleges for international students to choose from that can be a better fit and provide adequate aid.

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