Best Countries To Study In Europe

Despite the education offered in several continents around the world, Europe has one of the best universities in the world. Each country has unique culture, language and history. So, if you’re planning to study Europe provides you a plethora of opportunities to gain knowledge and boost your employability. Here, we consider options in France, Germany and Netherlands.

Studying in Germany

Germany as a study abroad alternative has a lot to offer to international students. It is one of the best countries to study in Europe. It has multiple renowned colleges, universities and business schools with recognized programs all over the world. The majority of courses are offered in the German language, however, many courses are offered in the English language as well. Students can also study the German language during the course. Germany, known for innovations, from BMW to SAP leads the technological front in multiple sectors including medicine and natural sciences. According to the world ranking, 10 universities were present in the list of top 100 universities in the world. The best universities include RWTH Aachen, TU Munich, TU Berlin, Manheim Business School 

Studying in France

If you seek a beautiful country with equally beautiful, courteous, and friendly people for your study abroad, then a study in France is the most viable option for you. The country offers programs in medicine, technology, arts and science, fashion technology, supply chain management, luxury management. The most prominent courses being in Information Technology, business administration, and financial management. Each year 2,00,000+ people visit France to pursue their undergraduate, post-graduate, Ph.D. education making it one of the best countries to study in Europe. Some of the prominent universities include University de Lille, Ecole Polytechnic, Sciences Po, HEC Paris, INSEAD. 

Studying in Netherlands

Naturally, one of the best countries to study in Europe. The Netherlands being the smallest country among the three offers various courses in business administration, operations management, cultural studies, historical studies, etc. Each year Netherland attracts 1,00,000 + students to pursue education. Students prefer the Netherlands for its diverse culture, friendly people, quality of education. Being one of the gateways of Europe, Netherlands is known for its expertise in sea transportation and courses related to it. In addition, a lower crime rate has made it more desirable for international students to visit and stay in the Netherlands. The reasonable cost of living and tuition fee attracts more people. Some notable universities are University of Netherlands, Delft University of Technology, University of Groningen, Rotterdam Business School, Tilburg University.

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