6 Questions to Ask during Your Next College Visit

The college visit — it’s one of the best ways to see what life is like at one of your schools of choice. Picking which colleges and universities you’re going to apply to is a big decision, so why not experience each one first hand? Take a campus tour, sit in on an interesting course, and talk to students, administrators, and professors about their experiences: no matter what you have planned, you’re sure to have questions.

Questions for Your Next College Visit

If not, here are a few to ask on your next college visit:

1. What’s the Average Classroom size?

Depending on where you went to high school, you may or may not be used to large classroom sizes. Regardless, an instructor or professor can only do so much with the time they’re given. Lopsided student to teacher ratios will greatly affect your ability to learn.

2. Are There Any Study Abroad Opportunities?

For many students, seeing the world is part of the college experience. However, not all schools offer the same opportunities to their students. If you plan to study abroad or want to travel somewhere specific, this is an essential question to ask.

3. What Internship Opportunities exist?

A college degree means a lot on the job market, but show a potential employer that you have hands-on experience? You’ll stand out in the applicant pool. If you have a specific major or career in mind, ask what students in your field typically do to gain experience.

4. What Experience at the School Has Impacted You?

Whether you’re talking to a tour guide, a professor, or a random student, the answer to this question can say a lot about the school.

5. Are There Plenty of Housing Choices?

Many schools have restrictions on the housing choices of their incoming freshmen and sophomores. Some even require students to live on campus all four years. If you’d rather find an apartment with friends than spend your time in a dorm, be sure to ask.

6. How Vibrant Is the Social Scene?

A healthy social life can be just as important as a jam-packed academic schedule. Ask about what students do for fun and what social and extracurricular groups are on campus.

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